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  1. @Fans of Flanders:“We've tried some of this and it was GREAT. #ICookItMyWay #CanaryIslands
  2. @Fans of Flanders:“An American accidentally ended up at the #GentseFeesten... He LOVED it so much, he wrote this blog about it:
  3. @Fans of Flanders:“According to expat #blogger Frej Jensen, learning the language is the key to #integration. Share your thoughts!
  4. @Fans of Flanders:#Truestory #Tomorrowland #BelgianFestivalsFTW
  5. @Fans of Flanders:#ServeTheCity: something for you? Expat #volunteers helping the weak: @stcbrussels
  6. @Fans of Flanders:“This #blogger has learned lots about Flanders from paintings > No time for a museum trip? >
  7. @Fans of Flanders:“We did it! Belgium won the #worldcup! At the world championship table football, but still... Congrats to Nasja Segal!
  8. @Fans of Flanders:#MidisMinimes combines our two favorite things in the world: eating and classical music. #Brussels #ThingsToDo
  9. @Fans of Flanders:“This new #Wablief includes Flanders' most famous chef #PietHuysentruyt
  10. @Fans of Flanders:“How to travel around Europe for free by using nothing but your brains? #ideasforfuel
  11. @Fans of Flanders:“If a branch of The Onion were to open up in Belgium, they would likely have a hard time with this story". #blog
  12. @Fans of Flanders:“Hungry? Here's a recipe for Mexican Chiles Rellenos. Buen provecho! #ICIMW
  13. @Fans of Flanders:“Festivals? We got loads. Big ones, small ones, very cool & interesting ones like @Sfinksmixed. Ch-Ch-Check it!
  14. @Fans of Flanders:“A #blog can sometimes come in handy. Just like the one @EuroSiderEu wrote. Whetever you need, you'll find it here.
  15. @Fans of Flanders:“Diving into it, but from the deep end. What better way to learn or improve your Dutch. #T2DO
  16. @Fans of Flanders:“Amanda Heggestad gives an expat point of view on the national holiday. With a little help from her daughter.
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