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Meet Flanders in all its wonderful quirkiness! an initiative of VRT, the Flemish Public Broadcaster

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  1. @Fans of Flanders:“An #ItTakesTwo with a Flemish guy & a Swedish girl. Did somebody say #Ikea? #Sweden #Wardrobe
  2. @Fans of Flanders:“Win tickets for @MentalistGili. This guy will #BlowYourMind
  3. @Fans of Flanders:“Is #Mars the final #expat frontier or is it all just pie in the sky? A #blog:
  4. @Fans of Flanders:“Sexist poster for #E3 #Harelbeke. Fixed thanks to our Scottish expat friend!
  5. @Fans of Flanders:“One of the winners of #DeNieuweLichting and for good reasons: @iwilliswear is this week's #EarCandy
  6. @Fans of Flanders:“The lucky winners of our latest online competitions are now online! Find out if you won:
  7. @Fans of Flanders:#DominiquevanGruisen from #Maasmechelen is going to Colorado to grow weed for a pharmaceutical company. Good luck, D!
  8. @Fans of Flanders:“As an expat your kids are being brought up in different cultures. The advantages? -> A #blog by Alice Kooij-Martinez:
  9. @Fans of Flanders:“Looking for a great photo exhibition in Flanders? Look no further: 'Diptychs' by #MichaelJamesOBrien @eyeLocoAntwerp!
  10. @Fans of Flanders:“Amanda Heggestad is an expat from @stadAalst. Guess what she wrote her #blog about:
  11. @Fans of Flanders:#Belgium has ended 3rd on "the list of countries with the worst #diet in the world". Wonder why...
  12. @Fans of Flanders:“Canadian intern @AllisonM_Tanner visited some of her own history in Flanders #InFlandersFields #Passchendaele #Ypres:
  13. @Fans of Flanders:“Belgium has set a new #WorldRecord and it involves bad #rugby: #spotted
  14. @Fans of Flanders:“Can you live for 40 days without meat? The Flemish can: #dagenzondervlees #yeswecan
  15. @Fans of Flanders:“What on earth is everyone listening to in Flanders? #FlemishHabits #ITgirl
  16. @Fans of Flanders:“A guide to surviving a Brussels driving exam. A #blog by #expat @BruxUrsula
  17. @Fans of Flanders:“What happens on the web, stays on the web! #universiteitantwerpen #didnotthinkthisthrough
  18. @Fans of Flanders:“We sent our interns @Astrid_vde & @AllisonM_Tanner to #AalstCarnaval! This is the result:
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