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Meet Flanders in all its wonderful quirkiness! an initiative of VRT, the Flemish Public Broadcaster

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  1. @Fans of Flanders:“Flanders's most famous TV dog is no more #RIPNeroke #PicOfTheDay
  2. @Fans of Flanders:“Nicky to the rescue! #NickCave supports opera house @LaMonnaieDeMunt in a video message.
  3. @Fans of Flanders:“Today, a 100 years ago during the #firstworldwar: they were heroes and not only for one day
  4. @Fans of Flanders:“This week's #earcandy Zephyr by Dans Dans #rock, #pop, #groovylicious, #jazzy: it's all there
  5. @Fans of Flanders:“Our nxt #T2DO: The Power of Object(s): Design Bestsellers in Belgium. #mustsee
  6. @Fans of Flanders:“Suzy's new #vlog? We'll give you the gist of it: #Antwerp, #boats, #late, #sexycaptain, #allovertheplace.
  7. @Fans of Flanders:“It's a holiday week so we don't have broadcasts. We won't leave you in the cold though. Our website stays jam-packed.
  8. @Fans of Flanders:“Fans Of Flanders - Dutch vs. Flemish people: differences and similarities
  9. @Fans of Flanders:“King Filip honors his great-grandfather #AlbertI, soldier during #WWI
  10. @Fans of Flanders:“Let's play 'Where is #Lukaku'. Go to our website for the answer: #PicOfTheDay #selfie
  11. @Fans of Flanders:#Burgersandbooze in Antwerp now serves black hamburgers. #SpongebobDidItBeforeItWasCool
  12. @Fans of Flanders:“The commemoration of start of 1st Battle of #Ieper will air live on @canvastv and @vrtderedactie at 3PM and 5:30PM!”
  13. @Fans of Flanders:“Are you an expat? We want you to challenge Jos with something that's typical for your home country! Let us know!
  14. @Fans of Flanders:“Orchids everywhere. Flora Mundi 2014, the annual flower fest of the @botanicgarden01 in #Meise
  15. @Fans of Flanders:“How "A wee little church" sounds in Dutch? The answer is only a click away #wablief #haaltert
  16. @Fans of Flanders:#throwbackmonday Behind the scenes during the shooting of the series #InFlandersFields the
  17. @Fans of Flanders:“RT @FineArtsBelgium: Pleasure to have you @FineArtsBelgium today, @fansofflanders! Can't wait to see our #ExpoMeunier on tv. #FoF #Belgium …”
  18. @Fans of Flanders:“Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai. After 30 years. Over and out for legendary Belgian band #VayaConDios.
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