Fans of Flanders

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how other expats are getting along here in Flanders? Well, worry no more! Because we’ve got some expat bloggers for you, willing to bare all. Figuratively speaking, that is. Through regular blogpost they will keep you up to date on the good, the bad, the ugly, the bold and the beautiful, but also on the delicious and the unexpected. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This section is made possible thanks to the generous written contributions of Olivia de Vos, Amanda Heggestad, Suzy Curran, Xiling "Tess" Zhou, Seth Montgomery, Frej Jensen, Mike Chambers, Andreea Gulacsi, Ainsley Ward, Fiona Klomp, Ana Elisa Miranda, Alice Kooij-Martinez, Ursula Woodburn, Stephanie SummersDi Mackey, Sue Green, Mademoiselle à Bruxelles, Leah Budke, Sandra Amorim, Diana Goodwin, Simon Litton, Nadia Bunce, Konrad Manning, Alexia Labouverie, Niels Boutsen, the Brussels Childbirth TrustAllison Tanner, Katrien Blanckaert, Lise-Lotte Ten Voorde, Marta CembreroJogchum Vrielink and Clinton Ashworth.