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The one with all the crolf

Yes, you've read that right: crolf. Apparently it's hot and happening right now, as it brings together both golf and croquet. In Antwerp they even have championships for it! Suzy being Suzy, she of course went to check it out. And yes, she found a hot guy to explain the game to her...

Suzy Curran

Suzy considers herself to be one of the original expats, as she's been living here longer than she cares to admit. But ask her if she's happy and she'll tell you she's blessed. Blessed to be a wife and a mother first and foremost, but blessed also with wonderful friends who periodically drag her out of the house to enjoy all the activities her adopted hometown of Antwerp has to offer. She loves to cook, but she also loves to check out new restaurants, as well as all the new stores and exhibitions that constantly pop up all over the city. Oh yes, and shoes... she loves shoes as well.