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Go face to face with the dragons of the world


Bored kids? We don't blame them. They already had to overcome four whole days without school! That's why we've got the perfect way to get those little slackers fired up again: dragons! Sure, they can be bad-tempered and ugly, but they can also be cute and cuddlesome or stunningly beautiful. The dragons, we mean. At STAM, the city museum of Ghent, you can meet the heroes who slay dragons and meet the dragons that protect us.

Friend or foe, the dragon is of all times and cultures. It is man who has given meaning to this mythical creature, who has bestowed on it the moral and physical qualities that make it distinctive. At the same time everything about a dragon’s outward appearance is also found in nature, including the fire-eating and multiple heads aspects.

This exhibition is a combination of fascinating cultural and historical objects, intriguing legends, links with the present day and pickled animals. Not forgetting the dragon’s skeleton put together specially for this exhibition!

Everyone, young and old should make a date with the dragon at STAM, a cross between fact and fiction. For children aged 6 and over there are ‘dragon rooms’ where they can look, read, build and play.

So, are you and your little heroes ready to stand eye to eye with a dragon?
Then go check out the site of STAM Ghent to plan your visit. You won't regret it. And before you know it, your kids are back in school, telling their classmates the most incredible dragon stories.