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Wablief - Say what?

The Mysteries of Dutch will be unravelled...

Are you new to Dutch? Do you sometimes get confused or have a question? Some words you need just aren't in those 'teach yourself' guides. 

Well, our Wablief section has the answer! To start, it's the word 'wablief''s easy, so just relax!

A little word about Chris Dusauchoit...

Seen as we like our fans of Flanders to be well-informed, we thought it might be good to clarify a thing or two about the guy teaching you the basics of our lovely Dutch language. 

You see, his name is Chris Dusauchoit and he's actually quite a famous TV presenter in Flanders. Normally he tends to be surrounded by animals, but for us he made an exception! 

Oh, and in case you're wondering about that as well: these videos are all shot in the beautiful University Library of Leuven.